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Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 260,309

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Now retired and living on Kaua'i. :)

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Hi Peggysue.. I found this tweet to make sense..

Speaking of Rev Dr Barber

I agree since the majority of

Black Americans in Virginia think Northam should stay.
Speaking of Rev Dr Barber

That's not the practice of medicine. That is carnival barking


Michelle, Malia, and Sasha

are so beautiful.. Thank you for this gorgeous pic of them, Heartstrings!

The Obamas make America proud!

By this gloating tweet.. Puppetrump inserted himself

into the extortion attempt of Jeff Bezos by AMI..

Rachel displayed this tweet on one of her shows, too.

Once again.. trump makes himself look like a stupid pile of shite.. because he is.

What’s up with all the suppressing of truth?

From @TimothyDSnyder and @jasonintrator, a feature of fascist movements is that it begins by torpedoing factuality.

10/ Torpedoing truth is how the fascist leader creates a Cult of Leadership:

“I alone have the answers” and “I alone can save the nation” and “my instincts are better than the logic used by elites.”


Interesting reading so far.. thanks, catbyte!

Thanks for the explanation, mercuryblues!

Sounds like the GOPutins pulled an expedient scam that's Backfiring

Now I remember people on here talking about this when the tax cuts happened.

Maher was spectacular tonight!

One for the ages!

We're right there with ya, Ferret..

this is the Twilight Zone Shit Show.. and we're all just hanging in there with minds blown.
LOL@ "The line of succession is down to pizza delivery drivers at this point."

Glad you have Gabbard's number..

Still, Assad is surely happy to see us go, and so is his favorite Congressflunky, Tulsi Gabbard, who told the Morning Joe crew she still has posters from Bashar's Tiger Beat photo shoot all over her bedroom. I confess it's sort of confusing to me that Tulsi looks at her record and her beliefs and thinks, “Democrats will vote for me.” I just can't figure out the thought process. It's like setting out to make an apple pie, going to the grocery store, and coming back with a can of cashews, a tire, some cat litter, and a volleyball, and hoping for the best.

And, this..

Anyway, Stacey Abrams strolled in and blew the old fart out of the water without breaking a sweat. Her rebuttal was the sort of speech that makes you proud to be a Democrat, and the juxtaposition between her hope, clarity, and resolve and Wee Don's sullen, dishonest, hate-mongering couldn't have been any starker.

and for the Bezos/Pecker show.

I guess we're all there.. Rachel had

to explain on her show last night.. I believe.. that no one was calling him names.. that's his real name(in so many words).

It's just Fate evidently that it's his calling, too.

LOL.. True Dat! Shine the light on Pecker trying to Blackmail Bezos!

Can you even believe this Good Episode of the Twilight Zone?!

Mahalo, riverwalker
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