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Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 260,266

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Now retired and living on Kaua'i. :)

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Kamala has excellent qualifications and experience.. I think

she would be a much better President than BS.

Yeah, we'll see

if once BS is a dem again.. he bashes our party throughout this primary like he has for the last 2 years.. Starting in Nov 2016 right after the rigging in of trump.. when he went on CNN and called us the "party of the elite.. and how "humiliated he was".

No, but here's another one that touts putin and calls out

President Obama.
I don't think she would ever want to apologize to President Obama.

"The non-interventionist"

As Skinner said in his Announcement

today.. the Dems can be criticized constructively.. sticking to facts(I added that part).

They will all be Vetted.. no exceptions. It's too late when the winner is in the GE and they haven't been properly vetted.

Oh yeah?


Middlebury Vermont..

I'll "dismiss" him if I want. He's too Divisive.

We have Excellent, Qualified Dems who are quite capable of Uniting the Democratic Party and bringing people together.

Nancy Pelosi and The Democratic Party worked hard and got us our BLUE WAVE for the Midterms, a Democratic Victory in the HOUSE.. from all kinds of Dems all over the country. That's our Coalition, and there's the Obama coalition that's a force for Good!.

And, there it is.. Thank You for that!

And now, a quick word about primary season on DU...

While I've got your attention, many of you have been asking whether we're going to be opening up a separate forum for the Democratic presidential primaries, as we have in the past. The answer is yes. Once Valentine Hearts week is over, we'll be unveiling the new forum and our plans for primary season. The new forum isn't going to be quite the same as it has been in the past -- we are doing things a little differently this time around, and we hope you will like what we have in store. Soon after the fund drive is over, we will make an announcement explaining everything.

Something new.. how exciting!

Good on the DNC.. Thank You!

Oh and..

I feel the same.. it's the reality..

The modern Dem party is basically a center-left coalition, predominantly made up of PoC, women, young people, immigrants, urbanites, suburban moderates, union people, etc.

The civil rights movement, imo, and efforts to advance historically oppressed groups, is imo truly the beating heart of the modern Dem party.

Just look at what happened in November when the BLUE WAVE hit and we won a Democratic House Victory.

It was different kinds of Dems all over the country who Flipped red seats to Blue!

It's a coalition, baby!
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