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Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 260,275

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Now retired and living on Kaua'i. :)

Journal Archives

RtX2.. what turned her?


Where the hell is all this money coming from?!



RtX2 Wow that is Some Endorsement &


God.. they're So Full of SHITE it's Beyond

Ridiculous. They have a "meme" & they're Sticking to it no matter how GD Stupid it sounds.

Please green party nutballs.. how's that revo goin' for ya?! Never mind I don't want to hear anymore of your Gaslighting BULLSHIT. Away with you.

Yes BIDEN is Our Nominee & he is VERY PROGRESSIVE.. he & Pres Obama actually got Things Done.. PROGRESS!

No thanks to assholes who sat home or voted for 3rd party LIES.

The Planet isn't that important to them, either.. nor are the People.. especially the poor ones.. and the ones who Putin's Puppet promises to take away their Health Care & Social Security.. like me & Millions of others.

Here 👇👇👇 is a tip sheet on how you can either GET INVOLVED with election security



trump: you now have a POS who Lies his Filthy head OFF.


trump is Exponentially worse than any

jr high bully. he's a fake president trying to bully his way through 4 years by insulting the Military, Members of Congress, our Allies, and anyone else who tells the truth about him.

he's a despicable piece of slime trash who needs to get Kicked Way the Hell OUT.

Exactly Thank You! "progresives" gets thrown

around a lot.. just because they call themselves "progressives" doesn't mean anything. It's Positive Action that's the true sign of Progress.

Like the loyal Democratic Base, POC & especially WOC are who get out there and VOTE! That's how we Save Democracy & that's how they've been doing it.

Those who sat/sit home don't care about the Supreme Court/Poor People/The Planet.

Rt.. Good to Know.. TY, octoberlib.

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