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Gender: Do not display
Hometown: Wisconsin
Current location: NE Indiana
Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 40,172

About Me

Member since 3/21/2002. I have been interested in politics since the early 70's. I registered to vote by riding my bicycle to the nearest registration site while still in high school. The first time I voted was with my parents. By the general election, I was in college and voted absentee. During the Watergate hearing I was in college and watched the hearings. I have only voted for a Republican once. And it was due to the endorsement of the local union's political group. It was for the position of the county sheriff. I have never missed voting in an election. Both primary and general. I have voted in at least 69 elections. Political Science and History was my focus in college. I became more involved in politics in 1987 with the mayor's campaign helping at headquarters. It was at this time that I became a precinct committee person. In a couple of years I was involved in setting up the database for a congressional campaign due to Quayle becoming VP and Dan Coats was appointed as Quayle's replacement. I have attended many Democratic State Conventions and other Democratic fundraisers and events.

Journal Archives

Bernie Sanders Just Released His Tax Returns. (2014)

Tax Return Courtesy of Mother Jones

Items that caught my eye and wonder if they are questionable.

He claimed exactly $8,000 for charity (amounts under $200) with an additional $350.

$ 4,900 -- Business Income

$56,377 -- Itemized Deductions

Paid Preparer -- Self-Prepared

$9,666 --- State & Local Income Taxes

$14,843 -- Real Estate Taxes

$22,946 -- Mortgage interest

Tax Preparation Fees -- 204
Posted by LiberalFighter | Fri Apr 15, 2016, 08:33 PM (34 replies)

Hillary would have to receive no more than 43.5% of the remaining delegates to lose.

If this were applied for the remaining primaries, Hillary would need to receive only

New York: 107 out of 247
Connecticut: 24 out of 55
Delaware: 9 out of 21
Maryland: 41 out of 95
Pennsylvania: 82 out of 189
Rhode Island: 10 out of 24
Indiana: 36 out of 83
Guam: 3 out of 7
West Virginia: 13 out of 29
Kentucky: 24 out of 55
Oregon: 27 out of 61
Virgin Islands: 3 out of 7
California: 207 out of 475
Montana: 9 out of 21
New Jersey: 55 out of 126
New Mexico: 15 out of 34
North Dakota: 8 out of 18
South Dakota: 9 out of 20
Puerto Rico: 26 out of 60
DC: 9 out of 20
Posted by LiberalFighter | Thu Apr 14, 2016, 08:36 PM (2 replies)

Itís Really Hard To Get Bernie Sanders 988 More Delegates

After a trio of landslide wins in Washington, Alaska and Hawaii on Saturday ó the best single day of his campaign ó Bernie Sanders narrowed his delegate deficit with Hillary Clinton. But he still has a lot of work to do. Sanders trails Clinton by 228 pledged delegates and will need 988 more ó a bit under 57 percent of those available ó to finish with the majority.

That alone wouldnít be enough to assure Sanders of the nomination because superdelegates could still swing things Hillary Clintonís way in a close race, but put aside that not-so-small complication for now. The much bigger problem is that it isnít easy to see where Sanders gets those 988 delegates.

Itís Really Hard To Get Bernie Sanders 988 More Delegates

Nate Silver shows what Bernie Sanders needs to get the nomination. This is just before the Wisconsin primary. Sanders was 2 delegates short of the target.

Nate's closing paragraph...

But things can change, and polls can be wrong ó and so itís worth doing the math to see what winning 988 more delegates would look like for Sanders. Call it a path-of-least-implausibility. If you think Sanders can meet or exceed these targets, then you can say with a straight face that you think heíll win the nomination. If you think theyíre too good to be true, then you canít. Hereís the Bernie-miracle path I came up with:
Posted by LiberalFighter | Wed Apr 6, 2016, 09:04 PM (0 replies)
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