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Visiting MI capitol on Tuesday...need suggestions

I will be visiting our Capitol on Tuesday. I am representing on two fronts: RTW and Education Bill on the move. Please suggest signs, songs, talking points, and other needs.

I have always appreciated the people in this group. You have educated and inspired me in the last five years. I have been a DU visitor/member since Sept. 12, 2001. I have been to WI to protest with MEA and have always been a strong supporter of organized labor. I tell people that I know I am the reincarnation of people who were in the early labor movement and the civil rights movement. I am well versed on ALEC, major players in Ed "reform", and very politically active.

Here is what is happening in Lansing:
1. RTW legislation being concurred in Legislature and possibly signed by Governor on Tuesday. Labor Unions and friends of Labor will be descending on the Capitol.

2. Education Achievement Authority "EAA" (HB 6004/SB 1358) and the Parent Trigger Bill (SB 620) in the next couple days. (EAA = select schools, statewide school district, taxpayer dollars to nonpublic schools and unlimited cyber-schools)

Help Needed:1. Any great signs for rally
2. Song ideas for the rally
3. Ideas of things to bring to a rally
4. "Elevator Messages" for Legislators
5. Any other inspiration or thoughts

I usually complete my own research (former school librarian) so asking for support is not an easy task. I need to prepare my lesson plans for my release day on Tuesday and create back up plans for Wednesday--just in case.

Thank you DU. You have been the greatest asset to my life since 2001!
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