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Trump's bad day

Fed Chief effectively says STFU
China (“Gina”) says STFU
Danish PM says STFU - I’m guessing

And the worst of the worst of all
Word got out on the 36% polling.

Impossible Whopper vs Whopper

I've had two of these Impossible Whoppers. One with a very "foodie" coworker with a highly developed palate. She's vegan, she liked it. I thought it was pretty good.

How to create work for yourself

My co-worker hasn’t been able to figure out how to raise her office chair. I sit in the chair, reach down, flipped the lever, seat rises up.
“Oh! This is perfect! Thank you!”

Two hours later, get an email - “Can you order me a foot rest?”

Her feet no longer touch the ground.

Soybeans spontaneously ignite - flooding Missouri.

I heard this on NPR this morning. So this pile of soybeans started rotting which creates heat and then the sunlight sparked a fire. I had no idea that could happen. NPR said this was new to some of the locals as well.

The area between the Missouri River and Interstate 29 around Phelps City, Missouri, remains flooded by an unplugged levee breach on the river. Local roads also remain underwater or were heavily damaged from floods that began in mid-March.

So far, only local railroad repair workers and law enforcement have been able to use Highway 136 leading into the facility.

An outdoor soybean pile, which appears far enough away to avoid damaging the rest of the grain elevator, began smoldering as temperatures rose in mid-July and became hotter as temperatures climbed to around 100 degrees Fahrenheit late last week.

"With the isolation of the facility due to floodwaters, it has been determined that the safest action is to let the fire burn itself out," said Patrick Burke, a marketing and communications manager with Gavilon. "We continue to monitor the situation and work with authorities to ensure the safety of our personnel and the surrounding area."



I've invented a new food "Pizza Eggs"

It was leftover night tonight. I had some pizza (beef sliced tomatoes black olives) so I cut the topping off from the crust, pan fried it with some eggs, pepper.


Earth, you are welcome.

😆 Did you say ...... MEMES!?!!!! 😁

Question for grillers - Do you disconnect the hose from the tank?

We just got a 5 burner with side burner. Good deal too.

As you can tell I’m not a “griller” but it was decided that we needed one. I’m freakish about fire safety.

Ok. So I did the leak test - all good. I know to shut off the tank. Do you leave the grill supply line connected to the tank?

DEAD - two square miles of the Chesapeake Bay are a dead zone

Two-Mile Dead Zone Confirmed in Chesapeake Bay Due to Warm, Wet Weather

CAMBRIDGE, Md.- Warm weather is welcomed by many in the summer, but mix that with lots of rain, and it's a bad outcome for the Chesapeake Bay.

In late July, Maryland's Department of Natural Resources confirmed it found that 2-mile dead zone significantly worse than what they've found in years past.

Scientists say it's a combo of intense heat and freshwater pollution that's caused the abnormally large dead zone, wreaking havoc for some bay-area watermen, including Queen Anne's County waterman Dennis Anthony.

Scientists also say the rising temperatures have heated bay waters, adding to the dead zone and potentially harming an entire ecosystem that relies on oxygen to breathe.


Conflicting reports - Rep. Tlaib NOT going to Israel or not going to West Bank

Washington Post says she’s not going at all.

Fox and NY Post (consider the sources) that says she’s just not going to the West Bank.
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