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Latest Breaking News (Forum)

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Trump can't sue New York State in DC federal court to stop release of tax returns, judge says 41 Gothmog Monday Friday 93 4661
Rough transcript of call shows Ukraine leader wanted Trump to attend inauguration 4 brooklynite Friday Friday 9 941
Italian council flooded for first time moments after officials rejected climate change measures 7 William Weehours Friday Friday 20 1494
Trump's Push For 2020 Tax Cut Shows 'First Tax Cut Was Scam' 10 riversedge Friday Friday 12 1069
Justice Dept. watchdog won't let witnesses give written feedback on report about FBI's Russia probe 13 BumRushDaShow Thursday Friday 28 2097
Climate Change: EU Bank To Stop Fossil Fuel Lending 8 appalachiablue Thursday Friday 13 446
Roger Stone Is Found Guilty in Trial That Revived Trump-Russia Saga 14 MelissaB Friday Friday 32 877
"Schindler's List" producer Branko Lustig dies at 87 1 Behind the Aegis Friday Friday 13 396
Battleground Democrats make USMCA push amid impeachment furor 2 brooklynite Friday Friday 0 909
Trump asked the Pentagon to explore trench on the border, Pentagon advised against it 20 BumRushDaShow Thursday Friday 7 1565
RNC to hold winter meetings at Trump resort that was considered for G-7 summit 20 demmiblue Thursday Friday 8 777
GOP Rep. Spano admits federal campaign probe; Ethics panel looks into three others 0 BumRushDaShow Friday Friday 4 809
Washington Teacher Arrested After Threatening To Shoot Students, Police Say 16 appalachiablue Thursday Friday 9 1677
Ethics panel announces Florida Democrat faces investigation over allegations of relationship 6 BumRushDaShow Thursday Friday 1 1084
Congress can seek eight years of Trump's tax records, appeals court rules 20 BumRushDaShow Wednesday Friday 37 1769
Russian spies likely intercepted ambassador's cell phone call with Trump 10 BumRushDaShow Thursday Friday 28 1371
Senate confirms Menashi to U.S. Court of Appeals in New York 8 mahatmakanejeeves Thursday Friday 3 869
Amazon will challenge Pentagon's award of $10 billion JEDI contract to Microsoft 12 BumRushDaShow Thursday Thursday 6 690
Giuliani Faces U.S. Probe on Campaign Finance, Lobbying Breaches 6 demmiblue Thursday Thursday 21 818
Republicans discuss a longer Senate impeachment trial to scramble Democratic primaries 47 lanlady Wednesday Thursday 7 2457
Career White House budget official expected to break ranks, testify in impeachment inquiry 8 BumRushDaShow Thursday Thursday 55 2629
GOP senator blocks Dem's effort to push gun bill amid California shooting 26 BumRushDaShow Thursday Thursday 19 1514
GOP senators plan to pressure Erdogan during unusual White House meeting 4 brooklynite Wednesday Thursday 2 702
Trump proposed sending migrants to Guantnamo, claims book by anonymous author 11 demmiblue Thursday Thursday 15 834
Exclusive: Trump DC hotel sales pitch boasts of millions to be made from foreign governments 16 demmiblue Thursday Thursday 10 1227
Pelosi says agreement on new North American trade deal 'imminent' 3 former9thward Thursday Thursday 8 1016
Latest impeachment developments: Trump weighs in on 'star' witnesses 17 demmiblue Thursday Thursday 12 1644
Statement of the Chairman and Ranking Member of the Committee on Ethics 5 brooklynite Thursday Thursday 14 1374
Scoop: Erdogan upends Oval meeting to play anti-Kurd film on iPad 17 brooklynite Thursday Thursday 45 3537
Ahead of Trump meeting, Erdogan threatens to buy Russian jets 16 riversedge Wednesday Thursday 4 1140
FEMA nominee says he does not know the causes of climate change 11 BumRushDaShow Thursday Thursday 5 980
State Department watchdog finds Trump appointees smeared career employee 4 BumRushDaShow Thursday Thursday 18 2033
Jon Huntsman announces bid for Utah governor 1 BumRushDaShow Thursday Thursday 5 270
Pelosi Points to Possible Bribery Charge Against Trump 6 BumRushDaShow Thursday Thursday 21 1142
AP source: 2nd U.S. official heard Trump call with Sondland 21 crazytown Thursday Thursday 48 2489
Gannett finalizes deal to become nation's largest newspaper publisher 6 BumRushDaShow Thursday Thursday 7 584
Jon Huntsman launches another run for Utah governor 2 brooklynite Thursday Thursday 3 563
Barr says watchdog report on Russia probe's origins is 'imminent' 28 Dennis Donovan Wednesday Thursday 18 2867
Why aren't all the News Stations Reporting Trump Acting in Russia's Interest in the Ukraine? 3 CuriousAsterisk Thursday Thursday 1 404
As Kentucky Rechecks Votes, Many Are Ready to Move On. The Governor Is Not. 18 BumRushDaShow Thursday Thursday 10 1354
Deval Patrick Joins the 2020 Race: 'This Won't Be Easy, and It Shouldn't Be' 13 brooklynite Thursday Thursday 2 874
This message was self-deleted by its author 0 Dennis Donovan Thursday Thursday 0 80
North Korea rebuffs U.S. offer of December talks 2 catbyte Thursday Thursday 0 486
In private speech, Bolton suggests some of Trump's foreign policy decisions are guided by personal i 9 demmiblue Tuesday Thursday 15 1225
DCCC adds senior staffers after summer departures 0 brooklynite Thursday Thursday 0 501
Trump threatening to fire Mulvaney 31 Mrs. Overall Tuesday Thursday 27 2682
Senate Democrats assail Trump's $16B bailout for farmers 12 Judi Lynn Tuesday Thursday 15 1725
Mark Sanford suspends 2020 presidential campaign 13 brooklynite Tuesday Thursday 8 1045
Salon Accused of Bias Will Be Taught to Style Black Hair 6 BumRushDaShow Wednesday Thursday 6 955
Closing arguments underway in Roger Stone trial 10 brooklynite Wednesday Thursday 16 1416
Italian ship attacked by pirates in Mexico, two crew hurt 2 Zorro Wednesday Thursday 10 1178
Potential culprit found in vaping-related lung injuries and deaths 33 BumRushDaShow Nov 8 Thursday 30 2942
Deadly superbugs pose greater threat than previously estimated 5 Yo_Mama_Been_Loggin Wednesday Thursday 14 1104
Trump contradicts aides and says troops in Syria 'only for oil' 7 muriel_volestrangler Wednesday Thursday 17 1348
Justice Ginsburg taken ill, absent from Supreme Court 27 DesertRat Wednesday Wednesday 42 3065
Ruth Bader Ginsburg misses court due to illness 5 Odoreida Wednesday Wednesday 2 586
New Democratic majority set to bring down Confederate statues in Virginia 15 brooklynite Tuesday Wednesday 19 1059
University student president faces impeachment after bringing Trump jnr to campus 10 canetoad Wednesday Wednesday 38 2123
DC bars to open early for impeachment mania 15 riversedge Tuesday Wednesday 22 1100
This message was self-deleted by its author 0 BumRushDaShow Wednesday Wednesday 0 108
Google eyes banking as it widens its reach 8 brooklynite Wednesday Wednesday 0 610
Trump Is MAGA-fying the National Medal of Arts 7 brooklynite Wednesday Wednesday 16 1465
A superbug kills one of us every 15 minutes, federal scientists report 3 mahatmakanejeeves Wednesday Wednesday 1 348
Read: Chairman Adam Schiff's opening statement at today's impeachment hearings 1 brooklynite Wednesday Wednesday 16 575
Rep. Adam Schiff: Trump's Potentially Impeachable Offenses Include Bribery 8 brooklynite Tuesday Wednesday 23 1198
Diplomat testifies Trump cared more about investigations of Biden than Ukraine 5 brooklynite Wednesday Wednesday 4 525
U.S. orders family members of government employees to leave Bolivia 6 Judi Lynn Tuesday Wednesday 5 587
Nunes Insults Impeachment Witnesses: Congrats on Passing Democrats' 'Star Chamber Auditions' 29 riversedge Wednesday Wednesday 16 2721
Democrats schedule two additional closed-door witness depositions 0 brooklynite Wednesday Wednesday 13 979
Cuccinelli expected to be elevated to acting deputy secretary of Homeland Security 1 BumRushDaShow Wednesday Wednesday 2 630
Bolivia Crisis: Jeanine Anez Declares Herself Interim President 3 appalachiablue Tuesday Wednesday 5 710
Trump invites GOP senators for unusual meeting with Erdoğan to 'clear the air' 19 BumRushDaShow Wednesday Wednesday 9 1460
Greta Thunberg Leaves US With Simple Climate Crisis Message: Vote 13 appalachiablue Tuesday Wednesday 16 771
Turkey Gathered Information in the U.S. Against Its Critics 2 Xandric77 Wednesday Wednesday 12 836
BBC livestreaming: Trump Impeachment: Public Hearings To Begin 3 abqtommy Wednesday Wednesday 2 500
Scoop: The GOP's ditch-Rudy strategy on impeachment 11 brooklynite Wednesday Wednesday 7 1419
E.P.A. to Tighten Limits on Science Used to Write Public Health Rules 9 BumRushDaShow Monday Wednesday 12 1385
Court rules against warrantless searches of phones, laptops 4 JonLP24 Tuesday Wednesday 19 858
New evidence shows contact between Trump official and Republican redistricting expert 14 brooklynite Tuesday Wednesday 48 2787
U.S. Steel lays off employees at Gary Works, Midwest Plant in nationwide sweep 9 AKing Tuesday Wednesday 14 1344
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