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Tue Apr 18, 2017, 02:02 PM

Cognitive Trumpisms

You may have heard of cognitive biases and distortions, joining them are cognitive Trumpisms. These lines and phrases tell us what we need to know about the Trump movement and an increasing amount of people and groups on the right in general.

Disagreement or inconsistency with own preferences as attack on the person
"Fake news" or "very fake news"
If you don't like something or if it does not mesh with how you see the world, just declare it to not be real news... problem solved.

"Equal Time" for me but we'll put your views up to a vote... maybe
"Alternative facts", giving time for Alex Jones, etc.

Working backwards
"Trump says X and it means A" next week it will mean B, then C. And the supporters will never have a problem with this.
The truth has a flexible meaning to Trump supporters, it is whatever Trump says it is, and the facts revolve around that.

You're responsible for my actions
Hillary needs to apologize for violence at a rally... even though the violence included a white supremacist Trump supporter attacking a protester.
"I don't have a job... it's somehow the fault of Mexicans and Muslims."

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