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Sat Jun 6, 2020, 01:31 PM

"Accelerationism" means police brutality, corruption, and immunity should be natl security concerns

Every action, everything that we do and anything that anyone does, has consequences, it may be positive or it may be negative (And it could have a little bit of both), those consequences may be felt immediately, or it might take a very long time to manifest.

But the consequences are there...

How many vehicle accidents have there been based on the sole fact that someone was running a bit late?
The 2003 Iraq War and the destruction of the political and physical infrastructure certainly led to the formation of ISIS.
The racist birther movement led to the presidency of Donald Trump

Now ask yourself this:
* What did the killing of Aiyana Jones lead to?
* What is the George Floyd death leading to?
* What did killing Breonna Taylor lead to?
* What does prosecuting someone for a baggie of marijuana to the fullest extent of the law vs giving them a slap on the wrist lead to?
* What does taking a white mass shooter out to Burger King lead to?

Those things will have consequences, and those consequences weren't prosecutions and investigations in all of those cases... but they do have consequences. The Black Lives Matter movement forming, protests, riots, looting, people noticing the disparity, and more.

Now you've got these accelerationists and these boogaloo boys, they are counting on it. They realize all the system needs is a little kick and then we get closer to a civil war or at the least, more riots and more looting.

It should be saying something if a bunch of white LARPers are noticing something going on how black America is being treated but the government ignores it.

The only way to starve accelerationism at this point is to have more accountability for law enforcement.

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