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Wed Jun 5, 2019, 11:33 AM

Top 10 Conservative Idiots: The Complete 7th Season

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Top 10 Conservative Idiots: The Complete 7th Season

Season 6: https://www.democraticunderground.com/100211623942
Season 5: https://www.democraticunderground.com/100210720590
Season 4: https://www.democraticunderground.com/100210083764
Season 3: https://www.democraticunderground.com/100210008235
Season 2: https://www.democraticunderground.com/10029078791
Season 1: https://www.democraticunderground.com/1016169212

Welcome back to the Top 10 Conservative Idiots! Yes, this is our 7th, repeat: 7th season. And when we started this thing we had no idea how long it would go on for. 160 editions and over 1600 entries later, we're still going strong! And we still have 10 fresh entries coming at you each week along with some fresh new content. Because conservatives aren't letting up on the insanity any time soon and are actually doubling down in what is coming to be the final year of the guy who we currently call president's final year of what will hopefully be his only term. So what do we have in store for you this year? Well we will have all of our usual favorites like How Is This Still A Thing?, This Fucking Guy, People Are Dumb, I Need A Drink, NO, and we will also be debuting new segments to go along with our perennial favorites. And also some fresh new sounds for 2019 as well! As long as there's conservative idiocy, we will be there covering it with our armchair Daily Show brand of humor to find some relevance of sanity in the Donald J. Trump administration. So with that in mind here's where we are going with the complete 7th season of the Idiots! Enjoy! And as always don't forget the key!

Edition #7-1: God Save The Nobel President Man-Baby Edition (6/12/19)

Live from El Paso! As always, whenever the Top 10 is on an extended break, we like to play catch up on stuff that we missed which includes a whole lot of insanity coming from the Trump White House. Trump took a trip to England which was an absolute disaster from the moment he was greeted with a giant penis mowed on a field when he arrived to his children crashing the Royal Dinner. Trump gives a completely unhinged interview on the Piers Morgan show and we will go through some of the juicier bits of the interview. In a new edition of "This Week In Hate", conservatives are cranking up the apocalypse scenario and civil war hysteria way past 11 and we will tell you all of the ways that hate is making a comeback. In our weekly investigative piece, Top 10 Investigates, we're going to take a look at Mt. Everest. Yeah climbing to the peak of the world's highest mountain is one of the coolest things a person can do, but is it worth dying for? No! And in our weekly visit to the Holy Church Of The Top 10 in "Holy Shit", our resident pastor spent his vacation touring around the country televangelist style and he will tell you all about private jets for Jesus, because frequent flyer miles are for godless heathens! We also have a new segment of "NO!" and really people, straight pride parades are a thing? Go fuck yourselves. And yes, Smash Mouth did own the internet. We have a new edition of "How Is This Still A Thing" and while Youtube is cracking down on racist and white supremacist content, there's another channel that has gone unscathed and it's owned by Christian nationalist Stephen Crowder and we're going to ask "Stephen Crowder's Youtube Channel: How Is This Still A Thing?". We also have a new "I Need A Drink". There's a Swedish start up company that's trying to make travel by pogo stick a thing, and we're going to have some drinks and tell you why that will not end well. And it won't end well for us either. And since we're in the Lone Star State for a special 5 edition stretch, we're going to take a look at what makes it tick in our special 5 part series "What's Up With Texas?". This week it's Part 1 where we are going to find out what's up with a teacher who thought that she was tweeting Trump privately about border security but those tweets are very public.
Live Musical Guest: Blink 182

**Edition #7-2: Top 10 Gets Bumped For A Talking Puppet Show**

Note: We had things planned for this edition but a scheduling conflict at our host venue caused that to go very south but did manage to get Pt. 2 of our What's Up With Texas docuseries where we visit the border town of Laredo - a town that literally shares roads with Mexico - to find out what the climate is like there in regards to immigration. And that will appear in a future Best Of edition, as will our Holy Shit segment on Weather Warrior and self-proclaimed prophetess Katt Kerr.

Edition #7-3: Keeping Up With The Nazis Edition (6/26/19)

Live from Austin! After Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez compares Trump's border detention facilities to Nazi concentration camps and ignites a debate, we examine just how close we are to Nazi Germany - and the comparisons are more inevitable then you might think. And equally as horrifying. Meanwhile, Trump announces his reelection bid while the biggest newspaper in his announcement city declines to endorse him! Mitch McConnell makes some controversial comments about slave reparations and actually sparks a serious discussion in Congress. Now what did you learn Mitch? Sarah Sanders announces her resignation from the Trump administration, making her the latest tribute eliminated from the Trumper Games! In our weekly investigative piece, Top 10 Investigates, Facebook wants to launch its' own, fully financially backed cyber currency called the Libre, but we play devil's advocate and examine all the ways it could possibly go wrong. In our weekly visit to the Holy Church Of The Top 10 in "Holy Shit", our resident pastor is on a quest to find out who really controls the weather? Is it GAWD or is it divine forces or is it some crackpot with a tin foil hat and a cell phone? We'll let you be the judge! We also have a new "Beating A Dead Horse" - what's Trump's beef with the Central Park 5? A new Netflix series has reignited his 30 year old feud with the group and he's doubling down on his attacks. Really, let it go, man. We also have a new edition of "People Who Somehow Got Elected" and this week we're adding embattled San Diego representative Duncan Hunter to that ever growing list. We have a new edition of People Are Dumb, because of course they are! And the next installment of our "What's Up With Texas" docuseries takes us to the largest capitol building outside of Washington, DC where we attempt to get interviews with Dan Patrick and Greg Abbott but mostly get told to piss off.
Live Musical Guest: Amon Amarth

Edition #7-4: Wheel Of Corruption: The Hidden World Edition (7-3-19)

Live from Houston! We recap all of the 10+ candidates who debated each other in the first of what will be the longest election debate cycle ever as democrats are pit against each other with Rachel Maddow monitoring - it's the GOP's worst nightmare come true! Meanwhile, after a long and hard fought battle from mass shooting survivors and anti-gun activists, we score a major victory as the NRA finally closes the doors on its' 24/7 lifestyle channel, NRATV. The 2019 SCOTUS begins deliberations on a number of cases and we will go through some of the juicier ones including the controversial census question case, and the gerrymandering decision - neither of which are good. We also have a preview of Trump's insane July 4th Americagasm Patriotic Extravaganza!! In our weekly investigative piece, Top 10 Investigates, the CEO of Hilton Hotels claims that he doesn't tip his housekeepers which, shocker, sparked the internet outrage machine - but is he right or wrong? We will investigate and let you be the judge! And in our weekly visit to the Holy Church Of The Top 10, our resident pastor is going to find out who among the Christian right is a false prophet - and tell you exactly what the good LAWRD thinks of them! We also have a new "Beating A Dead Horse" - Madonna and Taylor Swift both have controversial music videos out, and what does the internet outrage machine think of them? We will examine both sides of the argument. And in Portland, after yet *ANOTHER* Proud Boys rally gets crashed by Antifa, we ask "the Proud Boys vs Antifa - how is this still a thing?". We also have a new People Are Dumb, because of course they are! And in Pt. 4 of our 5 part docuseries "What's Up With Texas", we explore the Gulf Coast and what's going on after one of the biggest domestic hurricane disasters since Katrina!
Live Musical Guest: The Mountain Goats

Edition #7-5: The Battle For LaGuardia Terminal C Food Court Edition (7/10/19)

Live from Dallas! Trump's BFF, already convicted billionaire sex offender Jeffrey Epstein, is arrested again and this may deal a massive blow to Trump's reelection bid as he's outed as a BFF. After Trump royally screws up his speech at his Washington DC July 4th Amerciagasm Spectacular rally, we teach him some basic history after he gets it wrong even reading a teleprompter! We also recap his insane MAGA rally which was more of a stunning admission of what martial law would look like if it took place in the US than anything else. We also talk about Trump's latest war involving the US Census - after SCOTUS struck down the ban, is it possible for him to delay the census? The answer to that may surprise you! Meanwhile in Washington DC, the Proud Boys take their fight against Antifa from the streets of Portland to our nation's capital and it's going to be a colossal shit show! In our weekly investigative piece, Top 10 Investigates, we're going to take a look at the latest developments in Boeing's ill-fated 737 Max 8 and while none of it is good, tracing the roots of the problem might be easier than we think. And in our weekly visit to the Holy Church Of The Top 10 in "Holy Shit" - how is GAWD working to protect the government? Our resident pastor is going to examine multiple instances of this and he will let you be the judge, while also keeping his tax exempt status! In the latest "Beating A Dead Horse" - OK conservatives, we get it! You hate Nike, you really hate Nike! So what did they do to piss you off this time? Stop it already! Meanwhile, after screwing Nike and possibly his entire state out of millions of dollars over a dick partisan political move, we add Arizona governor Doug Ducey to the growing list of People Who Somehow Got Elected. We also have a new "I Need A Drink" and folks, America's favorite trash talking playground pastime dodgeball is under attack and they are all fatty fat fat losers. And the final part of our "What's Up With Texas" docuseries profiles college life at two rivaling universities - University of Texas in Ft Worth and Texas A&M in College Station!
Live Musical Guest: Trey Anastasio

Edition #7-6: Three Men & A Subpoena Edition (7/17/19)

Live from the University of Georgia! We take a look at the latest developments in the Jeffrey Epstein case and it's about to get the doors blown wide open, while at the same time getting weirder and creepier. It turns out that the Seth Rich Conspiracy that Trump fans have been hanging onto this whole time was in fact a Russian social media hit job orchestrated by Putin's IRA, and the media bought it and funneled it. Meanwhile, President Stable Genius holds a summit at the White House for ultra far right social media personalities to discuss why the real world is mean to them. As the US celebrates the world champion US Women's National Team, the republicans look for patriotic symbolism in the victory and it backfires on them big time. In our weekly investigative piece, Top 10 Investigates, Bernie Sanders has made the student loan crisis a huge issue in his campaign, but how just bad is it? We will examine this issue. And in our weekly visit to the Holy Church Of The Top 10, our resident pastor is becoming alarmed at the fact that god is bringing in his brand of fire and brimstone punishment on the masses, but do we deserve it? Yeah probably. And in "Beating A Dead Horse", when is it socially acceptable to take sides in a boycott? After Trump announces his support of Home Depot after a planned boycott, all bets are off! In "We're All Gonna Die", California experienced a pair of some seriously damaging earthquakes over the July 4th holiday, but just how bad is it? It could be disastrous. We also have a new People Are Dumb, because of course they are! And we end this week by debuting our new segment "Keeping Up With The Candidates" and the first episode is going to explore the almost-rans including rep. Eric Swalwell!
Live Musical Guest: Bastille

Edition #7-7: Scary 4chan, Bianca's Dead Edition (7/24/19)

Live from the University Of Florida! Rand Paul blocks yet *ANOTHER* advancement to the 9/11 First Responders Bill, prompting us to ask: "The 9/11 First Responders Bill: How Is This Still A Thing?". Meanwhile Trump not only doubles down on his racist tweets, they are so vile that they prompt Congress to formally declare and denounce them as racist. Also, Trump narrowly escapes his first impeachment hearing. For now. Meanwhile, notoriously toxic internet message board 4chan is under fire after a teenage social media influencer is murdered by an Incel and pictures of her show up on the forums. In our weekly investigative piece, Top 10 Investigates, we're going to take a look at the status of Planned Parenthood after yet *ANOTHER* CEO is ousted after a very short period. This is fine. In our weekly visit to the Holy Church Of The Top 10 in "Holy Shit", our resident pastor is going to talk about how GAWD needs money and while televangelists are living the ultra luxury lifestyle, they're going broke! We also have a new "Beating A Dead Horse" - really people, you're mad about casting in "The Little Mermaid"? Come on, we'll give you plenty of other casting choices you should be outraged about. We also have a new edition of "This Fucking Guy" and this week we're going to profile extreme right wing pundit Josh Bernstein. Whew, this fucking guy is CRAZY. Also, since we're in Florida, how about another round of an All Florida Man edition of People Are Dumb? Because Florida Man doesn't take a holiday and neither do we! And our second edition of Keeping Up With The Candidates is going to take a look at what's going on in the Alabama Senate. They didn't win our Stupidest State Contest for nothing!
Live Musical Guest: 311

Edition #7-8: Wheel Of Corruption Reboot Edition (7/31/19)

Live from the University Of North Carolina! We recap all the testimony and the fallout from Mueller's testimony on Capitol Hill - how effective was it? And did it accomplish anything? Probably. Meanwhile, in the UK, they announce Boris Johnson as their new Prime Minister, a man who is so much like Trump that he even looks like him. Welcome to your new national nightmare, England! Bill Barr wants to bring back the death penalty and we discuss how that could either be a good thing or it could be a bad thing. After Trump makes some outrageous claims about where he really was on 9/11, and we put our crack investigative team on the case. In our weekly investigative piece, Top 10 Investigates, we're going to take a look at some alarming statistics about your favorite phone-based meal delivery services and they are frightening enough that they might make you think twice before you hit that "order" button. In our weekly visit to the Holy Church Of The Top 10 in "Holy Shit", Kanye West is looking to monetize his latest venture into religion with his Sunday Sermons by doing what Kanye does best - merchandising! What does our resident pastor think of this new move? Only one way to find out! We play a new game of "Is It Racist?" in response to a North Carolina woman who said some extremely racist stuff in a restaurant and ignited the age-old debate, and yes, it probably was extremely racist. In our latest edition of "NO!!!!", we're going to tell you that no one wants to hear your bullshit theories about the Clinton Body Count, or Clinton Foundation, we've heard them all! And we're sick of it! We also have a new edition of "I Need A Drink" - copious amounts of booze and an argument about "fancy dress" led to a massive brawl on a British cruise ship, and this might be one of the most England stories ever. And the third installment of our ongoing series Keeping Up With The Candidates is going to introduce you to a challenger of one of the members of Trump's "The Squad" and if you guessed that she is a crazy Qanon loving conspiracy theorist, well, you are correct!
Live Musical Guest: Death Cab For Cutie

**Top 10 Takes A Week Off (8/7/17)**

Edition #7-9: Suicide With A Chance Of Murder Edition (8/14/19)

Live from the University Of Kentucky! In a not at all shocking move, Jeffrey Epstein committed suicide in prison - but was the troubled accused billionaire pedophile "suicided" or was it murder? We prove that your conspiracy theories are a steaming pile of bullshit. Meanwhile, after 3 mass shootings in less than a week, our current president, Donald J. Trump goes to "console" the victims and winds up using a baby whose parents were murdered as a photo op. We have a new segment of "NO!" - in response to mass shootings and Trump's inane ramblings on Twitter, Paramount decided to cancel the release of a new movie where humans are hunted for sport called "The Hunt". Yeah bad idea, guys. Also, Trump doesn't get satire. In the "Too Soon?" column, the outrage machine directs its' ire at the billionaire owner of the Miami Dolphins, Stephen Ross, over his decision to host a $250K a plate dinner fundraiser for Trump. In our weekly investigative piece, Top 10 Investigates, Las Vegas is being taken over by grasshoppers, and not just a few - there's a grasshopper invasion that's taking over downtown that's visible from space! And in our weekly visit to the Holy Church Of The Top 10 in "Holy Shit", get ready for spiritual warfare, people! Our resident pastor will help you draw up your battle plans! And in "Beating A Dead Horse", 25 years after video games were first blamed for an increase in violence, that circular firing squad argument was reintroduced after 2 mass shootings in one day, and really, it's same shit, different day. And since Tucker Carlson and the NRA are doing damage control, Tucker Carlson is once again shooting his mouth off about white supremacy which cost him sponsors, so we are going to ask "The Tucker Carlson Show - How Is This Still A Thing"? We also have a new People Are Dumb, because of course they are! And the next edition of Keeping Up With The Candidates is going to hang out with Texas darling Beto O'Rourke!
Live Musical Guest: Alice In Chains

Edition #7-10: Springtime For Twitler Edition (8/21/19)

Live from Rutgers University in New Jersey! In one of the most colossal douchebag partisan dick moves of his presidential term so far, Trump goes out of his way to make sure that 1st representatives Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib are barred from visiting Isreal, because, reasons. Steve King, Iowa representative and racist douchebag extraordinaire makes what might be one of the most racist things ever said, by anyone in the history of ever. Meanwhile in Portland, the Proud Boys regroup to attack Antifa protesters once again, and Antifa takes the bait while the Trump ponders whether or not to declare Antifa a terrorist organization (they're not by a long shot). The Jeffrey Epstein case gets weirder and creepier and we're going to play armchair detective and find out where is his mistress Ghislaine Maxwell? In our weekly investigative piece, Top 10 Investigates, we're going to take a look at what's fueling a rise in Trump inspired crimes? These are some extremely frightening statistics here. And in our weekly visit to the Holy Church Of The Top 10 in "Holy Shit", is it OK for Louisiana to display "In God We Trust" signs all over public schools? Our resident pastor weighs in on this religious freedom issue! In "Beating A Dead Horse" - Quentin Tarantino's latest flick "Once Upon A Time In Hollywood" has exposed his beef with legendary kung fu master Bruce Lee, and neither side is happy about it. After a twitter spat that got his company investigated for fraudulent business practices, we profile the CEO of Barstool Sports, Dave Portnoy, in a new edition of "This Fucking Guy". In "I Need A Drink" - we will get drunk and try the new Heinz mustard flavored ice cream, and later regret our decision to do so. And in the latest installment of our premature 2020 voting guide, we're taking a look at the governor of the great state of Colorado, John Hickenlooper!
Live Musical Guest: Cage The Elephant

**Top 10 show at Syracuse unfortunately got cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances**

Top 10 Best Of #9 (NEIN!!!): Labor Day Edition

Best Of! From Idiots #7-3, we draw some parallels from history and current events and ponder the question - just how close are we to Nazi Germany? From Idiots #6-17 - another Trump firing means that there's another Tribute resigning from the Trumper Games! And this is a big one as Rod Rosenstein resigns from the Trump Russian investigation. From Idiots #6-16, Trump went to Wisconsin for another one of his rah rah rallies and made some absolutely absurd claims, which like a fine wine need much fermentation! From Idiots #7-7 - did members of the ultra far right radical underground bunker known as 4chan have influence on the murder of a teenage social influencer? The answer is shocking but it is 2019. From Idiots #6-18, our weekly investigative piece, Top 10 Investigates, takes a look at why anti-vaxxers are latching onto an old episode of the Brady Bunch to make bizarre claims about measles. Yeah that's a thing. From Idiots #7-8, our weekly visit to the Holy Church Of The Top 10 in "Holy Shit", our resident pastor examines Kanye West's controversial plan to make money off his recent venture into hipster religion. From Idiots #7-5, "Beating A Dead Horse" takes a look at the conservative feud with shoe manufacturer Nike which was taken to new extremes with yet another planned boycott. From Idiots #7-3, after a lawsuit against Twitter for an absurd amount of money, we add California's Devin Nunes to the growing list of People Who Somehow Got Elected. From Idiots #7-9, People Are Dumb takes a look at some naked dudes, people on drugs, and stupid criminals in our attempt to laugh at the lighter side of the news. Finally from Idiots #7-8, our handy voting guide to the 2020 election, Keeping Up With The Candidates, takes a look at Ilhan Omar's challenger to MN-5, and she's definitely one of Trump's people with multiple DUI convictions and a tendency to love Qanon conspiracies.
Musical Guest: 311

Edition #7-11: This Is The Story Of A Hurricane Edition (9/11/19)

Live from Michigan State University! As always whenever we are off for an extended period of time, we like to catch up on stuff we missed which includes a whole lot of hurricane price gouging and the latest mishaps from the Proud Boys at Boston's Straight Pride Parade. Back in Washington, DC - Trump takes on Hurricane Dorian in the most Donald Trump way possible - a sharpie followed by some gold and some exceptionally angry toilet tweeting. Meanwhile in England, the latest from the Brexit disaster is that Boris Johnson lost his conservative supermajority in Parliament, making his latest Brexit proposals a lame duck. With the latest string of mass shootings, mass shooting hysteria has been at an all time high so we examine some of the myths and urban legends of how and why mass shootings happen. And once again speaking of guns, our weekly investigative piece, Top 10 Investigates, is going to show you Michigan's controversial new Fruitport High - a school that's being designed with mass shootings in mind. Because, banning guns is so much harder. And in our weekly visit to the Holy Church Of The Top 10 in "Holy Shit", a Catholic school in Nashville has banned the beloved Harry Potter book series because, witchcraft, and our resident pastor is going to examine the issue and provide alternatives! In "Beating A Dead Horse" - why does Mitch McConnell hate being called "Moscow Mitch"? Well we here have no sympathy but for the party that loves to "trigger the snowflakes", they really are a bunch of snowflakes! And we also have "NO!" - really Debra Messing, we don't need a registry and Hollywood blacklist of Trump supporting actors. We've seen what happens before when they get blacklisted. And in "I Need A Drink", people really love Popeye's new fried chicken sandwich, and the social media furor is causing people to go to extremes to try the greasy delight, so we will imbibe and try one! Plus the next round of our 2020 voting guide "Keeping Up With The Candidates" is going to examine the latest round of dropouts from the democratic primaries.
Live Musical Guest: King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard

Edition #7-12: Vaping Death Edition (9/19/19)

Live from Northwestern University! After the CDC issues warnings about the inherent dangers of flavored electronic cigarettes, Trump acts very quickly to ban them, but not a peep on AR-15s. While the world was remembering the horrible events of 9/11/01, Trump remembers the tragedy by making it all about him. The debate on the legitimacy of Brett Kavanaugh's SCOTUS seat heats up as a new New York Times article is published, and Trump once again takes Kav's side, but the whole deal is messier than you might think. Meanwhile, across the pond, the top secret papers known as Operation Yellowhammer look to put the kibosh on a hard Brexit deal once and for all, but what are the implications of that that they're not telling us? In our weekly investigative piece, Top 10 Investigates, we're going to take a look at the latest developments in the opioid crisis which include a pair of pharmaceutical companies getting their just deserts, while community outcries are going unheard by local governments. In our weekly visit to the Holy Church Of The Top 10 in "Holy Shit", is a coup brewing at Liberty University? After a shocking article lands Jerry Falwell Jr in the hot seat, our resident pastor is going to delve into the self-proclaimed champion of morals and values, and he might be who he says he is. In "Beating A Dead Horse" - we're going to do a deep dive into the "liberals are too PC" argument, but really, the most PC people out there are conservative white males. After a special election that saw Trump's meddling, we add North Carolina's Dan Bishop to the ever-growing list of People Who Somehow Got Elected. We also have a new People Are Dumb, because of course they are! And in our 2020 voter's guide Keeping Up With The Candidates, we're going to re-introduce you to a guy who could make a sizable impact in the quest for the GA Senate, John Ossoff!
Live Musical Guest: The Raconteurs

Edition #7-13: You Should See Me In A Crown Victoria Edition (9/25/19)

Live from University Of Missouri! In a Top 10 first, there was so much crazy news that happened last week that we had to consolidate a whole bunch of planned entries into one in a new segment that we are calling "So That Happened". Trump escalates his bizarre feud with the auto industry by cutting off California's ability to control the state's ultra strict emissions standards and roll them back to the stone ages. Meanwhile, in Michigan, vice president Mike Pence breaks a 100 year tradition and drives an 8 SUV strong motorcade through historic Mackinac Island, to much horror of the residents and Michiganders. Back in Los Angeles, after another overdose in his West Hollywood apartment, the arrest of billionaire donor Ed Buck may be far more horrifying than we could have ever imagined. In our weekly investigative piece, Top 10 Investigates, we're going to take a look at a ticket selling scam that targeted fans of the Black Keys at their tour debut show in Los Angeles that turned what was supposed to be an innocent evening out into an absolute nightmare. In our weekly visit to the Holy Church Of The Top 10 in "Holy Shit", is it your god given right to own a gun? Our resident pastor attended an event on the subject and he's got some thoughts. In "Beating A Dead Horse" - can we really be surprised when Saturday Night Live attempts to appeal to conservative voters and they found the most racist and sexist actor they possibly could? No. After it's back in the news after a long absence when Trump starts floating the conspiracy again, we ask "Clean Coal - How Is This Still A Thing?". In a new "I Need A Drink", we're going to fly to Area 51 in Nevada, have some cocktails and attempt to see them aliens as the Storm Area 51 Event actually happens, and there wasn't really much storming going on. And finally the next chapter in our 2020 voters' guide "Keeping Up With The Candidates", we're going to our home state of California to hang with Kamala Harris!
Live Musical Guest: The Black Keys

Edition #7-14: Wheel Of Corruption: Sign O' The Times Edition (10/2/19)

Live from the University Of Kansas! Nancy Pelosi drops the big one and announces a formal inquiry into the impeachment of the 45th president of the United States, Donald Trump - who quickly retaliates by angry hate-tweeting. We also delve into who the whistleblowers are - the people that leaked the context of the phone call between Trump and Ukraine that got the impeachment inquiry started. Meanwhile, we are introduced to 16 year old activist Greta Thunberg who traveled from her native Sweden to New York to testify before the UN on climate change, and she has the alt right squirming. Plus there's new details in the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoogi - did or did not Saudi Arabia do the dirty deed? In our weekly investigative piece Top 10 Investigates, we're going take a look at why the employees of General Motors are striking and it has a lot more to do with just their pay and benefits. And in our weekly visit to the Holy Church Of The Top 10 in "Holy Shit" - after the Dark One promotes his theories on "religious freedoms" ahead of climate science, our resident pastor does a number on him and explains what "religious freedom" truly is. In "Beating A Dead Horse" - can a movie be too violent? We examine multiple controversies behind the origin flick of everyone's favorite Batman villain - the Joker and the controversy surrounding it. Plus we also have a new "This Fucking Guy" - and this week we add one of the biggest creepy weirdos in the country and Trump's personal attorney Rudy Giuliani to the list. And whew, he is crazy! Plus Trump may have shot his mouth off a bit. And the next edition of our 2020 Voters' Guide "Keeping Up With The Candidates" - where does your favorite candidate stand on impeaching Trump? We will examine who stands what and where!
Live Musical Guest: Steel Pulse

***10/9 - Top 10 Takes A Week Off***

Edition #7-15: Dancing With The Czars Edition (10/16/19)

Live from Arizona State University! We discuss how far meme creation can go when an event held at Mar-A-Lago features a shocking and very poorly edited scene from the 2014 flick "Kingsman: The Secret Service" that shows Trump murdering all of his political opponents in a very gruesome fashion. Trump also steps in it when he unleashes holy hell on the Turkey - Syria conflict at Putin's discretion, because reasons. We also recap the latest Trump rallies in Minneapolis and Louisiana, which, while insane, actually prove to be somewhat effective in getting the message out to the masses. Meanwhile, Rudy Giuliani's aides have been, in a not at all shocking turn of events, caught violating campaign finance laws. In our weekly investigative piece, Top 10 Investigates, Stockton, California is one of the first cities in the nation to provide a Europe-like free money incentive. What is it? And what are people spending this money on? We will investigate and bring you the hard facts! In our weekly visit to the Holy Church Of The Top 10 in "Holy Shit" - our resident pastor attended the annual Values Voters Summit, and well, how long before he casts a spell on the unholy Dark One? In "Beating A Dead Horse" - South Park has called out China on media censorship, and is it OK for celebrities to support Hong Kong protestors? We also have a new "How Is This Still A Thing" and after the Atlanta Braves fail to advance in the playoffs again, we ask "The Tomahawk Chop: How Is This Still A Thing?". And in "I Need A Drink", speaking of sports, the Philadelphia Flyers have introduced a new way to enjoy hockey! As if we didn't need one! Finally in our 2020 voters' guide - "Keeping Up With The Candidates" - we will update you with what went down during the October democratic debates!
Live Musical Guest: Fitz & The Tantrums

Edition #7-16: Bed Bugs & Broomsticks Edition (10/23/19)

Live from UNLV in Las vegas! When there's so much crazy shit happening in the news, like your favorite pasta sauce, we put all the ingredients into a blender and hit puree in our segment "So That Happened". In sad news, longtime Baltimore representative Elijah Cummings passed away and we will show you the MAGA world's sad and utterly predictable reactions to his death. Meanwhile, Trump's attempt at international diplomacy has the whole world questioning his incompetence when he pens a batshit crazy letter to Turkey's prime minister Tayyip Erdogan. Back at home, it's been made aware that the 2020 G7 summit is going to be held in Miami at the Trump Hotel, in a not at all shocking and partisan move. In our weekly investigative piece, Top 10 Investigates - is your baby's food contaminated? After a shocking study that was posted involving the Gerber Corporation, it turns out that it's an extremely likely and very horrifying possibility! And in our weekly visit to the Holy Church Of The Top 10 in "Holy Shit", the apocalypse is imminent people! Our resident pastor will go through some of the crazier doomsday theories out there, while offering a few of his own! We also have a new "This Fucking Guy" in which we are going to tell you about Christian firebrand podcaster and hardcore Qanon conspiracy theorist Chris McDonald! In our new segment "Unpopular Opinions", we're going to tell you what we really think of student loan tycoon Sallie Mae after they got caught grifting with their pants down! We also have a new People Are Dumb, because there's always a never ending stream of stupid people! And in our 2020 voters' guide, Keeping Up With The Candidates, Hawaii's Tulsi Gabbard really needs to put down the Covfefe as she goes on a defensive attacking Hillary Clinton after the media grossly misinterprets Clinton's statement about her. WTF?
Live Musical Guest: Sturgill Simpson

Edition #7-17: Butt Dialing For Jesus Edition (10/30/19)

Live from Oregon State! Halloween Spooktacular! We add Florida representative Matt Gaetz (R-obviously) to the growing list of People Who Somehow Got Elected. Republicans decide that protecting the Trump cult is more important than letting the wheels of justice spin as they storm Capitol Hill in a stunt that hilariously backfired on them and could have severe consequences for their jobs moving forward. Trump has a horrible week in which he gets booed at the World Series and hilariously attempts to explain his way out of building a wall in Colorodo. Rudy Giuliani butt dials his way into a disaster and possibly several felonies while being investigated for the previous felonies he may have committed. In our weekly investigative piece, Top 10 Investigates - why is Amazon working with Trump's ICE? And why is there a boycott and backlash brewing against it? We will find out what's going on . And in our weekly visit to the Holy Church Of The Top 10, Kanye West is back and he's converted! We will examine his new gospel album "Jesus Is King" and provide some insights into the new tracks! And in "Beating A Dead Horse" - we love a good beef and there's one currently brewing between legendary Oscar winning director Martin Scorsese and the head honcho of the MCU, Kevin Feige, and should you be allowed to enjoy the MCU? Really it's just entertainment, folks! In a new episode of "NO!", what the fuck is Harvey Weinstein doing at a showcase for young actresses? Is irony not lost on this psychopath? Who are we kidding, psychos have no sense of irony. We also have a new People Are Dumb, which includes one of the most insane Florida Man stories of all time! And no we're not exxagerating, either! And in our 2020 voters' guide "Keeping Up With The Candidates", Texas' Beto O'Rourke is one candidate who has taken the most thorough and controversial stance of any candidate to date on our nation's gun violence epidemic, but how does his buyback program work? We will attempt to explain to your NRA loving relatives!
Live Musical Guest: Korn

Edition #7-18: Do The Soviet Style Edition (11/6/19)

Live from Gonzaga University in Spokane! The impeachment trial is put to its' first vote and conservatives still don't get the word "inquiry", but according to Steve Scalise, are the impeachment proceedings "Soviet Style"? The answer is easily nyet! In "We're All Gonna Die", it's fire season in California while the climate in the rest of the world isn't much better, but are we all going to die from this disastrous weather? Probably. Meanwhile, the latest developments in the impeachment proceedings are a disaster which includes Giulani's cyber security fail and Trump retweeting AM radio talk show hosts. Meanwhile, in Washington DC, the Nationals are your 2019 World Series Champions, and the fans have some choice words for the guy who we currently call president! In our weekly investigative piece, Top 10 Investigates, one of Costco's most popular food stuffs is the $4.99 rotisserie chicken, but what really goes into that bird you're consuming? A hell of a lot, actually! And in our weekly visit to the Holy Church Of The Top 10 in "Holy Shit", Halloween has come and gone, but is it a holiday to practice witchcraft? The Christian right is gunning for your soul - both literally and figuratively on this one! And in "Beating A Dead Horse" - another year, another controversial Halloween costume - this time the child bridal dress. But is it a reflection of horrifying child marriages around the world? Or is it just PC gone too far? We will let you draw your own conclusions! And after California Rep. Katie Hill's disastrous departure, we discuss the topic of "revenge porn" in "Revenge Porn: How Is This Still A Thing?". And in "I Need A Drink", we explore the strange world of Ghostbusters star Bill Murray after he hilariously applied to work at the Atlanta Airport P.F. Chang's. Plus in a special "Keeping Up With The Candidates" - Georgia's massive voter purge should have everyone terrified. But what does it mean in the long run? You should be terrified if it comes to your state!
Live musical guest: Beck

Edition #7-19: No Country For Old Snowflakes Edition (11/13/19)

Live from Boise State! The election results are in and the Blue Wave continues as one of the least popular governors in the country - Kentucky's Matt Bevin - is swept from office! But he's not going down without a fight! Meanwhile, in an attempt to find applause at a non pre-screened sporting event, the University Of Alabama is under fire for the way it's treating its' students who protest Trump at the AL - LSU game. Meanwhile, the battle against impeachment is brewing as Alex Jones outs a juror, while Trump Jr attempts to out one of the whistleblowers who's attempting to testify against Trump. In Kentucky, where Matt Bevin loses, Mitch McConnell and Rand Paul are running scared and McConnell picks a fight with the wrong guy who could pose a serious threat to him in 2020. In our weekly investigative piece, Top 10 Investigates, how safe is the food and water you consume when you're on your next flight? An alarming study suggests that you might want to think twice before asking for that extra cup of water. And in our weekly visit to the Holy Church Of The Top 10 in "Holy Shit", our resident pastor is not pleased that the unholy Dark One has appointed his spiritual advisor to a White House position, and he will unleash his thoughts on the subject. In "Beating A Dead Horse", we have to talk about something particularly creepy and unpleasant as rapper T.I. revealed something about his relationship with his daughter that will turn the "ick" factor up way past 11! We also add the newly elected governor of Mississippi, Tate Reeves, to the ever-growing list of "People Who Somehow Got Elected". And in "I Need A Drink", we are going to get drunk and talk about the end of one of the most prolific morning radio shows on the air, as Gene "Bean" Baxter leaves the "Kevin & Bean Show", but not before people on Twitter were convinced that Mr. Bean died. And in "Keeping Up With The Candidates", the 2019 election results are in! While many were small, some things happened that could be a huge indicator of where we are going in 2020!
Live Musical Guest: The 1975

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