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Fri Jan 4, 2019, 12:14 PM

New Rules for Democrats and people on the Left that should not be New Rules at all

Going forward, I think knowing these things will make life a lot easier and may win us even more in 2020...

ACCEPT that anything you or anyone else does or says can be turned into an attack or a Republican conspiracy theory - Right wingers saw the word 'Pizza' in an email and turned it into a bizarro psychotic Satanic conspiracy theory. They recently took dancing on a rooftop and tried to turn it into an attack. There is nothing, NOTHING, you can do or say that they will not be able to attack you over. Don't filter yourself or limit yourself... you're still gonna be a Communist Satanist Secret Muslim Terrorist Lover paid by George Soros who leads an Antifa cell.

ACKNOWLEDGE that today's right wing has no concept of a political center - Hey, what's your position on immigration? It's "open borders"! What do you think we should do about healthcare? It's "Socialism"! We not only let Republicans frame the debate, we also modify ourselves in response to that framing, it's time to acknowledge that and respond. Your positions are far left just by virtue of not agreeing with Republicans, so that leads to...

DON'T BE AFRAID of "socialism", especially when Republicans call something "socialism" - Decades ago, "socialism" was "I like the USSR!". Years ago, "socialism" was "I want everyone to have healthcare". Today, "socialism" is "I'm upset about school shootings and want to do something about them!". And in the near future, I'm sure "socialism" will be "Hey, maybe we shouldn't throw virgins into volcanoes to appease the Dow and the job creators!"

REACH OUT to those who want a bright future, not to turn America into some simulacrum of a past that only exists in their minds - Recognize the difference between deprivation and those who are feeling bad because of relative deprivation. Don't reach out to people with "trumpgrets" who ONLY have trumpgrets because the welfare cuts came for them too. Don't hug a Trump supporter without hugging a refugee, a Muslim, a GLBTQ person, etc.

REMEMBER those who paid the ultimate price - This is not a historical thing. Even today, we've got people who fell victim to the right, like Heather Heyer. Follow Heather.

VOTE, vote more, vote often - Every election matters even if the Electoral Clown College taints at least a couple, but you are not sending a message by not voting, but also do MORE.

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